how weight loss without exercise

How weight loss without exercise is actually possible and can help to improve your menopause symptoms and target belly fat too. Tips & strategies.

lose weight after 50

Do you feel confused when it comes to how to lose weight after 50? These surprising foods may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts…

menopause weight loss diet

There are so many women facing menopause weight gain armed only with the lies that the diet industry fed them in the 1980’s and 90’s. Do you still believe these 3 old Menopause Weight Loss Diet Myths?

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Wondering how to stop emotional eating?. Tips on how to create a Comfort Strategy to lower your stress and regain control of your eating

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A roundup of books to help you if are dealing with a husband having a midlife crisis. You are not alone…

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Can I lose weight by walking? Walking is a brilliant exercise to help with weight control. It boosts your metabolism and invigorates your lymphatic system. Learn how to successfully lose weight with walking…

Best Books for the Coronavirus Lockdown for Midlife Women

A roundup of books that will help you feel strong, empowered and calm during the coronavirus pandemic…

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